Our Philosophy & Room to Read

We love wine!  Wine brings people together and is the catalyst for many great dinner party discussions, birthday celebrations, weddings, charity galas that are making real change in the world, and, well, sometimes, just a way to unwind after a busy day.  Wine crosses borders, crosses cultures, something that unites us. You don't need to be a Master of Wine, a Sommelier, or a wine connoisseur to appreciate wine.  You also don't have to spend beyond your means to enjoy good wine.  Believe in your individual taste and find the wines out there that you love.  We hope to help you do this by bringing the best boutique wines from South Africa's 400-year old winelands to your glass.  

We are passionate about finding ways we can align purpose or societal impact with our business goals. Our answer is to support initiatives and organizations we believe are changing the world for the better.  A percentage of each bottle of wine we sell, regardless of wholesale or retail, goes to support Room to Read (www.roomtoread.org). This incredible NGO helps millions of children by promoting literacy and gender equality in primary education to the poorest of communities in Asia and Africa.  

Wine & Philanthropy.  What could be better?

Anna Hart, Founder